Terms and Conditions (Rules and Regulations)

Jabar International Marathon 2019

Participants and parties involved are considered to know and understand and are obliged to comply and are subject to the items included as part of the Terms and Conditions for Jabar International Marathon 2019 (“Terms and Conditions”) which follows:

  1. In these Terms and Conditions, the term used has the following meanings (except in the case that the sentence in question provides another meaning):
  2. The event is Jabar International Marathon 2019;
  3. Registration Fee is the determined event participation fee which must be paid by Participants to be able to participate in the Event.
  4. Registration Form is the event registration form.
  5. Info Desk and/or Hotline is a division that will provide official information managed by IdeaRun Race Management.
  6. The event management is Race Management under the name of IdeaRun with contacts for the event; on email: jabarinternationalmarathon@gmail.com and 0877.0210.2016 (WhatsApp Only)
  7. The organizer is the owner of the Event, namely the Government of West Java Province through the West Java Youth and Sports Agency (Diaspora).
  8. Participants are individuals who register for the Event.
  9. Race Pack is an official competition package issued by the Organizer and managed by the Management to be handed over to the official Participants. In the Race Pack, there are, among other things, the race number (Bib), the main material for the Event and other relevant material.
  10. Race Pack Collection Day is the day of race package collection for the Event. Complete information regarding the location and time of collection has first been conveyed to Participants by the Management through the registered Participant’s email address and the official social media of the Organizer.
  11. Terms and Conditions are the terms and conditions regarding the implementation of the Event, including the procedure for registration and rules of participation.
  12. Competition Website is the official website of the Event, ww.jabarmarathon.com
  13. Registration Website is the official online registration website managed by the Management as contained in the link contained in the Competition Website.
  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to every party who registers and / or participates in the Event.
  2. Other matters not yet stated in this regulation will be determined later by the Race Management. Management has the right to make adjustments and modifications to the competition rules if deemed necessary. All adjustments and modifications will be made with prior notice to Participants through the main communication channel in the form of e-mail, and social media; and/or if necessary, notification letters, cellular text messages, and/or other media announcements.
  3. Participants are deemed to have understood, accepted and abided by these Terms and Conditions after (i) completing the Registration Form and making payment; and/or (ii) has been officially recorded on the Event participant list issued by the Management. Terms and Conditions also apply to event participants who are registered through the classification of charity and/or exhibition.
  1. Participants are considered to understand, realize, and acknowledge that the Marathon poses risks that can result in injury, disability, and even death. Participants guarantee that they are in appropriate physical fitness and health conditions, and are mentally and physically fit to attend the Event and agree to take responsibility for their actions when participating in the Event.
  2. Participants agree to release the Organizer (including but not limited to the management / employees / affiliates of the Organizer, professionals and other parties appointed by the Organizer and sponsors who cooperate with the Organizer) for any loss and damage arising in connection with the competition, except in the event that such losses and damages arise from deliberate negligence.
  3. The Organizer and the Management will cancel the competition if things arise outside the control of the Organizer and the Management (including heavy rain, hurricanes, calamities, massive demonstrations, no issuance of the race permit, or other reasons). If the race is canceled due to matters beyond the Management’s control, the Organizer and Management will not return the registration fee and are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused.
  4. Reimbursement of Registration Fees is also not given to Participants who are disqualified for security/order and/or other disqualifying reasons. The Organizer and the Management are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience arising from the non-refundable Registration Fee or cancellation of the Event.
  5. Participants understand that intentional or unintentional non-compliance with the rules of the competition may result in the loss of the rights that participants can obtain in the Marathon.
  1. The Organizer and Management intend to ensure that the event will run smoothly, securely, and in an orderly and convenient manner.
  2. The Management has the right to exclude or prevent Participants from taking part in the Event, if, the Organizers and Management deem such actions are necessary for reasons of security as well as convenient and conducivity to Event management as a whole, the convenience of other parties involved, and because other reasons relevant t to the rules of the competition and the Event.
  1. The Management will send all communication materials and other relevant Event information to the email address provided by the Participant on the Registration Form.
  2. The Management is not responsible for any technical malfunctions that may occur in the process of sending communication material and email correspondence, which may result in the failure of admission for Participant.
  3. Participants must ensure that all information (including email addresses) provided is true and accurate.
  1. The age limit applicable per category is based on the age of the Participant when joining the competition.
  2. The minimum age limit is 13 years, and the maximum age limit is 70 years. Age restrictions apply to all types of registration and categories of competitions.
  3. Participants of under the age of 17 (13 years – 16 years) are required to present a written Parental Consent Form which can be obtained at the race pack collection location.
  4. Participants are classified as general and master. The master category refers to Participants that are 40 years or over at the time of the competition.
  5. The age limit of the master category is 40 years or over at the time of the competition by referring to the clause above.
  1. Indonesian Citizens, KITAS holders, and Foreign Citizens with passports can participate in the Marathon.
  2. Participants must fill out all information requested in the Registration Form. Any incorrect data input consequently gives the rights to the Management to disqualify the Participant’s registration and annul participation at the time of the competition takes place.
  3. Participants must comply with all rules and all instructions and guidelines given by the Management, marshal, and security personnel appointed by the Management. Participants acknowledge and agree that the Management will manage and run the Event and will have sole authority and be the final determinant of all decisions relating to safety during the Event, as well as organizing the Event, the timing/finish time and its application within the stipulated timeframe. All decisions and regulations related to the Event issued by the Management are considered final.
  4. Participants recognize, agree, and acknowledge that their participation is personal and cannot be transferred to other parties for any reason.
  5. Participants declare and guarantee that their registration is for personal use only and will not be used for commercial activities (including to be transferred to third parties). Violation of this matter can result in disqualification.
  6. Participants must show their personal identity in the form of KTP, SIM, KITAS or passport (in original form or photocopy) that is valid when taking Race Pack. Race Pack collection can be done through a representative/other people by carrying a soft copy / hard copy of the Race Pack participant’s email, photocopy of the Participant’s identity card and a legally binding representation letter signed by the Participant.
  1. Participants must: (i) complete the Registration Form through the Registration Website thoroughly and correctly; and (ii) pay the Registration Fee following the information that is available on the official website.
  2. Payment validity period is 2×24 hours since the registration is complete. Participants must re-register if they intend to continue their participation after the 2×24 hour grace period has ended without making payments according to the provisions.
  3. The Management will issue a registration confirmation after the Participant is officially registered.
  4. Participants cannot transfer their registration.
  5. Participants are not entitled to change information after registration confirmation is sent. Therefore Participants are advised to ensure that any submission is accurate and up-to-date data;
  6. The Management has the right to end the registration period when the designated time elapses and/or at any time the quota has been met.
  1. Each Participant must be present at the Race location 30 minutes before the flag-off begins. Participants are responsible for taking into account all the time needed for personal needs (including travel, parking, baggage drop/deposit bag, etc.).
  2. Participants who start late for up to 10 minutes after the flag off in their category are allowed to start following the next category start wave. If the Participant fails to start within 10 minutes after the flag-off, participants will be disqualified if they do not start according to the specified time.
  3. The risk of failure to start or Did Not Start (DNS) is entirely the responsibility of the Participant. If participants keep forcing themselves to run on the race track or route, the Management has the right to revoke the participant’s Bib number and deny the participant’s right to race facilities on the race track.
  4. To ensure that the race proceeds in an orderly manner, the Management will arrange the start area with zoning or pens. Participant’s pen will be regulated automatically by the system when Participants fill in the Registration Form. Each Participant must comply with his/her assigned position. The Management will disqualify participants who do not comply with the pen position. Participants who do not fill in the zoning data will then be grouped in the last zoning or pen.
  5. The manager has the right to set a time limit or cut off time (COT). If the manager deemed necessary, the time limit could be modified (accelerated or slowed down).
  6. The manager can change this time limit before or on the day of the race if the manager deems necessary.
  7. Participants who have never reached and are not recorded in the timing system at the finish line before the specified cut-off time (COT) will be considered not to have completed the Race or Did Not Finish (DNF). Participants who reach the finish line after the cut off time has finished will be set as over cut off time.
  1. Managements and Organizers have the right to change the date of the Event based on reasonable considerations and for the event continuation, and convenience of the participants. The manager will deliver any information related to changes to the event promptly and within a reasonable time limit.
  2. If the date change has been announced either by e-mail to each Participant and/or social media and other information channels, and the Participant is unable to attend on the date of the change, the Participant acknowledges that his/her absence occurred because of his/her circumstances and will not charge any collateral fee that may arise from the situation to the Operator and other relevant parties.
  3. The manager, with reasonable consideration and/or for the sake of the continuation of the race and the convenience and safety of the participant has the right to change the format of the Event policy or cancel the Event due to circumstances beyond reasonable control (not including heavy rain, storm, or calamity, and large and massive demonstrations). Any cancellation to the event due to matters beyond the reasons mentioned above will result in the obligation for the Management to make a full refund. The refund will also release the manager from any situation that might arise from the cancellation. If the program is changed to another format, Participants are not entitled to any refund and release the manager from any liability that might arise from such changes.
    1. The Organizers and Managements are responsible, within the limits of reason, to maintain the continuity of the Event and the convenience of Participants in carrying out the Event.
    2. Under no circumstances shall the Organizer and/or the Management be liable to Participants for any events, accidents, physical and medical injuries, errors (including negligence) or for business losses, revenues or gains, savings or waste expenses, loss or damage or Participant’s personal equipment or any direct or consequential damages (even if the loss is under the consideration of the parties on the date of submitting the Registration Form), that might arises from taking part in the Event, or other issues stipulated under these Terms and Conditions as well as for any amount greater than the Registration Fee paid by the Participant. Without limiting this, the Operator and/or the Management will not be responsible for any actions from tourists, visitors, or other third parties unless specified differently.
    3. The Management provides participants with a waiver letter form to be known and understood by the Participants regarding risk assumptions in this Event. Participants must fill out the parts following the provisions when registering by checking the relevant section.
    4. In a firm, irrevocable, and immediate manner, for him/herself, his/her heirs and descendants who are entitled to make any claim against the Management and/or the Organizer, officials, staffs, suppliers and/or sponsors, and/or other responsible parties (“Associates”) as a result from any kind of physical, mental, or other type of damage of any kind (including the loss of income, profit, or pain and suffering) suffered by participants directly or indirectly, or with family and his/her amenability caused by taking part in the event, the Participant hereby stated, for him/herself, his/her heirs and descendants who are entitled to compensate, and release the Management and/or Organizer from any cost that they, or any one of them, may need to cover as a result of the claims stated above made by anyone.
    5. Participants also agree to compensate the Operator and/or Management and Related Parties for any claims, actions, liabilities or losses resulting from violations of Participant’s statements of and /or acts of negligence and/or intentional mistakes.
    6. Along with this provision also has consequences
      1. To prevent or free up Operator responsibilities;
      2. For death or personal injury caused by negligence of the Management;
      3. Also for unintentional fraud; or
      4. Also for any matter deemed illegal for the Event Organizer to exclude or, attempt to override their responsibility;
      5. This clause must be read and interpreted and subject to restrictions imposed by applicable law.
  1. For documentation, publication of the results of documentation, and/or utilization of the results of the Jabar International Marathon 2019 documentation, Participants understand that as a consequence of their participation; Participants cannot cancel and agree to:
    a. Appear in shows that are being filmed, recorded, aired and explored in whole or in part in television programs, films, videos or broadcasts in any form by all means and, in all media, and formats, apply when or made after the date of these Conditions, and
    b. Use and reproduction of Participant names, similarities, appearances and photographs, films and recordings by all means and in all media for advertising, publicity and other purposes in relation to the exploration of the Event (and future events) and/or promotion of the Event (and future events) and commercial rights related to the Event (and future events), to the extent that such use does not indicate direct support by Participants from any official sponsors or supporters of the Event.
    c. Every film, photograph (with a camera or cellphone), or other moving or still images, and all intellectual property associated with it (including but not limited to, copyright) will remain the property of the Event Organizer, and where such Intellectual property is not automatically linked to the Event Organizer, these Provisions are legally binding and Participants are required to sign all reasonable documents needed for that matter. Accordingly, any such recording will not be used other than for personal use without the written consent of the Organizer.
  1. The organizer will award the winners of the competition according to the specified composition, category, and class.
  2. The prize will be deducted according to the applicable tax.
  3. Prizes will be awarded via transfer within a maximum of three working days after the winner is declared valid and announced publicly as the winner.
  4. Winners will only be entitled to one type of prize. If due to class differences, the Participant is indicated to get two rewards, then the Participant will get the higher award.
  5. The winner of the master category has the right to switch classes and abort the public/open category winner if he has a better time record than the public/open category winner.
  6. Rating of winners and winners is based on the runner’s finish time.
  7. Verification of champions and winners is carried out by referring to the time record at the checkpoint according to the checkpoint timing system mat and the ribbon or wristband checkpoint received by the runner at each checkpoint provided on the route.
  1. Participants agree with the Management’s and Organizer’s decision on disqualification due to any violation of the finisher and/or podium disqualification rules.
  2. Violations of finisher and/or podium rules are as follow: Participant data are not recorded in the time recording machine, participants are not wearing bibs corresponding to his/her personal data, manipulation of registration data, wearing other’s bibs, failing to wear chips distributed by the Management, do not wear check-points ribbon which is distributed throughout the race route in, registering in in two or more categories of race, and/or the name on the chest number is different from the official certificate of identification; take shortcuts, use assistive wheeled aids or other aids that can speed up steps.
  3. Any podium position dispute must be carried out on the spot by the respective Participant, following the dispute deposit rule. The deposit will be returned only if the dispute is won by the competing Participant.
  1. This provision (and all documents referred to in it) constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersedes any prior agreements between the parties related to the Event.
  2. Participants understand, acknowledge and agree that sending the Registration Form (and the documents referred to in it) does not depend on, and does not lead to, any form of relationship, statement, guarantee, understanding, assurance or other guarantee (whether intentional or unintentional) of each people (whether parties related to these Terms or not), other than regulated in these Conditions.
  3. Nothing in this Terms and Conditions can be considered as a partnership between parties or view one of the parties as a representative of others, for any purpose, and the parties do not have the authority or power to bind themselves to any other contracts on behalf of the parties for any purpose.
  4. The Organizer and the Management are exempt from any liabilities if the Event is interrupted, or called off due to an event or caused outside the control (whether arising from natural causes, human or other actions). These events are including, but not limited to:
    1. Natural disasters; earthquake, storm, flood, flood, and so on,
    2. Fires, acts of vandalism, sabotage, large and massive demonstrations, riots, strikes, terrorism and civil disturbances, war or state of war and;
    3. Due to changes in the relevant law and regulations.
  5. Provisions for exemption from this claim apply automatically because each Participant is required to read carefully and has been deemed to understand, submit to, and comply with the Terms and Conditions. Confirmation of statements subjected to the Rules and Conditions can be made in writing if deemed necessary on a special sheet provided by the Organizer both online and at the Race Pack Collection location.
  6. To the extent permitted by law all of these provisions must be separated and no provisions are affected by the invalidation or non-validity of the other provisions with the remaining provisions if needed, which have been amended as would be required to have the same effect as these Conditions to the extent possible.
  7. This Terms and Conditions must be interpreted under Indonesian law, and any dispute arising under this Agreement must be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indonesian Courts.
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