Important Notice

Runners are required to read the Notices, Regulations, and Terms & Conditions before registering at the 2019 Jabar International Marathon Event (JIM 2019). Runners who register are considered to agree and accept all information, terms and conditions and rules of the competition. The following Terms & Conditions and Regulations are intended to support and direct the implementation of the 2019 Jabar International Marathon Event and to ensure the safety of all runners, as well as to fulfill the official permit requirements of the authorities in accordance to the applicable law in Indonesia.

Each runner is considered to have fully understood that this sport has risks that can result in injury, disability, and even death. For this reason, Runners agree to abide by the terms of the competition and understand that all risks arising during the competition will be part of the Management’s responsibilities transferred to the insurance of membership provided. Accordingly, runners release the Organizer (including but not limited to the Organizer’s management / employees and professionals appointed by the Organizer) for all losses and damage arising in connection with the competition, except in the event that such losses and damage arising from intentional negligence, other than those stated in the membership insurance provisions provided.


  • Jabar International Marathon race categories are Marathon or 42K, Half Marathon or 21K, 10K and 5K;
  • In the race, there are different routes according to the different categories;
  • Each runner has to choose the category of the race at the time of registration;
  • Runners are not permitted to change the category of race chosen at the time of registration;
  • Competition classes consist of General and Masters (over 40 years or exactly 40 years old at the time of the competition).
  • Jabar International Marathon 2019 is open to Indonesian citizens and foreigners (KITAS / Passport holders)
  • The minimum age of participation is 13 years and a maximum of 70 years.
  • Age restrictions apply to all types of registration and categories of the race.
  • Runners outside the specified age must submit a health certificate issued by a doctor and/or hospital.
  • Runners under the age of 17 years (13 years – 16 years) are required to submit a Parental Consent Form which can be filled out during race pack collection.
  • Before participating in the Jabar International Marathon 2019, runners were advised to have a medical condition examination. The Management has the right but is not obliged to, deny and stop runners from participating if it sees that the runner’s health is unfit.
  • Jabar International Marathon 2019 runners must provide an accurate and updated personal information as required in the registration form. The registration is non-transferrable. Transferring the registration will result in the inability of runners to submit insurance claims. Incorrect data entry or transfer of participation may result in the disqualification of runners (both for this activity and future activities).
  • The organizer of the Jabar International Marathon 2019 has the right to contact the runner at any time by email or by our official WhatsApp. The Organizer will establish contact through the email address registered by the runners.
  • Jabar International Marathon 2019 will be annulled following situations outside the control of the organizers (including heavy rain, storms, calamities, massive demonstrations, no-issuance of race permits, or other reasons). If the Jabar International Marathon 2019 is canceled due to such matters, the registration fee is not returned, and the organizer is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused.
  • The Management does not provide lodging/accommodation for runners. However, it establishes partnerships with several hotels and inns that are available to runners at special rates.
  • The Management prepares a baggage drop, and runners must not leave valuables and/or items that are not related to the participation of the race. The Management is not responsible for any loss of valuable items during the race.
  • The organizer of the Jabar International Marathon 2019 is not required to return any registration fee if the runner is subject to disqualification.
  • Each runner will receive a Race Package containing a race number (bib), among other things. A bib will be used to identify runners and must be used during the race. A timing chip will be attached to every bib.
  • Runners are advised to test the Bib with a scanner provided at the location of Race Pack Collections.
  • Runners can collect the Race Package by showing a proof of identity (KTP/Passport), along with a soft/hard copy of race pack collection email that will be sent to each runner a maximum of two days before the race pack collection period.
  • Race Packages must be collected on November 29-30 November 2019; 11:00 – 19:00 WIB, in Pangandaran. Changes to the time and locations of the collection will be informed through the race pack collection email. Race packages cannot be taken on the day of the Marathon.
  • Collection of race packages can be represented on the condition that the representative can show the race pack collection email, copies of identity cards, and a legally binding letter of representation (with a legal stamp and signed by the runners). Any formats are allowed
  • The organizer of Jabar International Marathon 2019 does not provide package delivery facilities by post and/or expedition services.
  • Runners who do not take the package at the specified time and day, at their own risk, will lose the rights to the race package and the race itself.
  • Runners are expected to wear the official jersey of the race.
  • Runners must wear reasonable and appropriate running costumes in terms of both comfort and aesthetics.
  • Runners are required to attach their Bib number to a place that is easily visible from the front, and in a non-plastic bag.
  • Bib numbers are non-transferrable. The transfer of the Bib number results in disqualification.
  • Flag Off will be held at 05:00 WIB for the 42K category, followed by the 21K category intermittently for 15 minutes and followed by the 10K category then 5K, 10 minutes later. The time marking tool will be on the start line and finish line.
  • For your convenience, we expect runners stand by on the starting line 30 minutes before the Flag Off.
  • We apply a cut off/time limit to all categories. The applicable cut off/time limits are; 7 hours in the 41K category, 4 hours in the 21K category, 2.5 hours in the 10K category, and 1.5 hours in the 5K category, following the start of the race (gun-time).
  • We tolerate up to 10 minutes of starting delays for each category. Runners who exceed the time limit are subjected to the start conditions in the case of being late and/or subject to disqualifications.
  • Checkpoints will be placed at the starting line, several points on the race route, and the finish line. They consist of a split time/matt sensor, and a marker (a ribbon/lanyard). Each runner is required to take a marker at each completed checkpoint.
  • The winner of the 2019 Jabar International Marathon is determined by the earliest time of arrival in each category, gender, and class, as well as the winner of a special category.
  • A timing chip’s ability to record runners’ time record can be compromised due to a bent bib, a submerged device or a system error. Runners are advised take a good care of their timing chips.
  • Runners of the Jabar International Marathon 2019 are prohibited to engage in fraudulent activities, such as disturbing, blocking, pushing, berate other runners, running in a shorter distance, using assisting devices such as wheel chairs, in-line skating, vehicle, or other means, as well as utilizing doping substances, getting help from others, or using a fake bib during the race. The Management will disqualify runners who commit fraud.
  • Each runner is only allowed to compete in one category.
  • The Jabar International Marathon 2019 Management provides water stations located at several points along the race track according to distance category.
  • The Management, in coordination with the the Police and the local Transportation Agency will place marshal officers at several points.
  • In collaboration with local hospitals and/or hospitals referred by sponsors, the Management will provide healthcare services along the race track. Health workers can stop runners from continuing the race due to health reasons.
  • Awards will be given to the fastest runners in each category, gender (male and female) and class (general and masters—over 40 years or exactly 40 years old at the time of the competition. The winner is only entitled to get one prize.
  • Only winners who: (a) are not disqualified; and (b) have corresponding personal data under the race number with their personal identification (KTP / SIM / KITAS / Passport), are entitled to become a champion and get a prize. If the winner’s data and the race number (bib) data do not correspond, then the runner is disqualified and not eligible to get a prize.
  • The fastest runner from the national level who runs faster than the other runners from the same category from the international level will be entitled to win at the international level and beat the other international contenders in the same category.
  • Prizes for the winners will be given by the organizer of the Jabar International Marathon 2019, within three working days, provided the runner data requirements are met. Competition prizes will be taxed according to the applicable regulations.
  • All photographic material, runner film recordings, and their derivatives, in the form of promotion or photography, at the time of the competition are the property of the Management and can be used as widely as possible for promotional use.
  • The Management reserves the right to make adjustments and modifications to the rules if deemed necessary. All adjustments and modifications will be made with notice to runners.
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