Registration Opens 9 September – 11 November 2019
When will Jabar International Marathon 2019 be held?

Jabar International Marathon 2019 will be held on Sunday, 1st December 2019.

Where is the location of Jabar International Marathon 2019?

Jabar International Marathon 2019 is held across the Pangandaran coastline. The start/finish of Jabar International Marathon 2019 is at Jalan Pamegaran on the West Coast, Pangandaran.

What categories are contested?

There are four (4) distance categories: 42K (Marathon), 21K (Half Marathon), 10K, and 5K, with general and master age categories (over 40 years or exactly 40 years old at the time of the competition). All categories are open to international runners and national runners.

What distinguishes Jabar International Marathon 2019 from other competitions?

Jabar International Marathon 2019 is a running competition with an eco-friendly sport-tourism concept inspired by the economic and tourism potential of West Java.

A variety of art performances and culinary delight from Pangandaran, and West Java will make this event alive. The mixture of race, art, and culture are packaged in a carnival that can attract runners as well as other tourists in general.

How is this event environmentally friendly?

This Marathon contains environmentally-friendly elements that is applied to a number of things, including the management of eco-friendly materials.

In addition, we are committed to create a free plastic-trash sea campaign. We will minimize single-use plastics, and we will partake in activities to support a local-owned campaign for a plastic-free sea. We will also set up an integrated waste management system to take care of our plastic waste during the course of the event.

Smoking during Jabar International Marathon is not permitted due to environmental and health reasons.

Who can take part in the competition?

We are accepting registration from Indonesian citizens, KITAS holders, and foreigners.

What are the criteria to become a winner in this race?

The winner is determined based on the finish time of the runners following each respective category, and a valid registration data. The winners in each distance category consist of general/open and master, male and female. Classification of the number of winning sequences will be selected as many as three (3) fastest people from each category.

Are there special categories in this race?

Yes, there is a master category, as a special category in this race. The master category applies to Runners over 40 years of age or 40 years old on the day of the competition.

What factors will disqualify the winner?

The winner will be disqualified if the data provided does not match with the Bib charged or if there is a manipulation of registration data. Using another runner’s Bib, taking a shortcut, failure to collect the checkpoints ribbon given by the Management at a certain point in race track, using assistive devices such as wheelchairs, roller skates or built-in wheels or other wheeled aids, or other aids intended to speed up runners arriving at the finish line can also disqualify a winner.

What is the age limit of runners?

Jabar International Marathon 2019 is open to all audiences, adults, and children, who believe they have a prime physical condition and can run to complete the chosen distance category. The maximum age limit for adult runners is 70 years old.  Runners older than 70 must include a Health Certificate from the Hospital and/or an official doctor’s note to be able to participate.

The minimum age of participation is 13 years. Runners below 17 are required to provide a written Parental Consent Form and to be accompanied by a registered adult runner.

Is it permissible to bring pets?

Runners are not permitted to bring pets.

At what time does West Java International Marathon start?

Jabar International Marathon 2019 will start at 03:45 AM WIB. The flag off time is 05.00 AM WIB for the 42K category and will be continued in the 21K, 10K and 5K categories with 15 minutes interval each catgegory. Punctuality is expected so that the race can start on time. Late runners are only permitted for up to 10 (ten) minutes after the flag off in their category. If more than 10 minutes have passed, runners must comply with applicable regulations regarding this start time.

What is the cut-off time (COT) for each category?

The cut-off time or running time limit and being on the running track for 42K is 7 hours, 21K is 4 hours; 10K 2.5 hours, the 5K category is 1.5 hours.

Is this Marathon classified as a trail run, road race, or a combination of both?

This race is entirely a road race. The competition is carried out on a permanent paved road.

What if I can't finish the race until the end?

For injured or ill runners, the Management provides ambulance and field medical facilities. As for runners who pass the cut-off time limit, the Management will prepare a vehicle to take runners to the finish location.

Is the chip attached to the runner's Bib number to measure each runner's running time?

Yes, each runner’s Bib number will be attached to a chip that will measure each runner’s net time. In addition, checkpoint markers will be provided to support the recording of runners’ time. Race time will be displayed through and other links which will be announced later.

How many water stations are available on the race route?

42K: 19 water stations

21K: 9 water stations

10K: 4 water stations

5K: 2 water stations

Does the Management provide storage facilities?

The Management provides storage facilities for Jabar International Marathon. Items can be held for two hours before the flag off or before the race starts. Baggage drop will be closed no later than one hour after the event is declared finished, which is marked by a closing sentence by the MC.

The items deposited are items that are related to the needs of the runners when competing. We do not accept goods with large volumes, for example, luggage. Runners are not advised to leave valuable items any loss or scatter is outside of the Management’s responsibilities.

Runners who store their goods will not object to the security check carried out by the Management, either through visual observation or special detection equipment.

Is refreshment provided?

Yes, refreshment facilities are provided after the finish line. Runners can get mineral water, isotonic, banana, and sponsored products, as well as finisher medals (for runners who enter the finish line according to COT).

Does the Management provide a finisher jersey?

Yes, there is a finisher jersey for 42K (Marathon) and 21K (Half Marathon) category runners.

Are race results available for runners?

Yes, runners will get an info link for the race result. More information about the link will be announced later through the existing media channels and will be linked to the event’s official website,

Where can I register?

Registration can be done online through the link

How much does it cost to take part in Jabar International Marathon 2019?

The registration fee is as follows:

IDR 400,000 for the 42K,

IDR 350,000 for the 21K,

IDR 250,000 for the 10K

and IDR150,000 for the 5K category.

Information regarding registration fees can be seen on and Jabar International Marathon 2019 official social media.

Are there special discounts for community or group registration?

Yes, community discounts or group registrations are available for a minimum of five runners. The period and the amount of discount can be seen directly on the website or on e-flyers that will be distributed via various channels (email, social media, media partners and the community)

Can runners change the race category?

Runners who have registered in specific categories at the time of registration cannot change the competition category.

Are there any refunds if the runner does not enter the race?

There are no refunds for runners who do not enter the race, either canceling during the opening of registration or during race pack collection and on D-Day for any reason.

Can the registration number or Bib number be transferable?

Bib numbers cannot be transferred to other parties. We are not responsible if there is a mis-match of the Bib number used and the data provided to the Management. The prize and race facilities are only valid for the owner of the bib number as demonstrated by an official identification card.

How do I know if my registration was successful?

Runners will receive a confirmation e-mail at the time of registration and can see their name on the runner list listed on the website

What actually happens if I don't get a registration confirmation email?

Please check the junk or spam section of your email. If the confirmation email is still not there after 2×24 hours, then please confirm via email:, or official number: 0877 0210 2016 (WhatsApp only).

We advise you to re-examine the registration data to check if it turns out to be a spelling mistake.  We suggest that runners use a standard email address to avoid any failure to read your email address.

Runners should write their email addresses correctly and accurately to avoid any problems in this regard.

What if I haven’t made a payment?

Payment can be made a maximum of 2X24 hours after registration. If no payment is made according to these provisions, the runner’s name and data will be deleted from the system. Runners must re-register if they still wish to take part in this competition.

What if I don’t have an ID?

Runners under the age of 17 can use student cards and/or attach a parent’s ID card.

When can race pack be taken?

Race pack collection can be done on Friday – Saturday, 29-30 November 2019, from 11:00 – 19:00 WIB.

Where do you take the race pack?

Location of the race pack collection is in Pangandaran. Further details will be sent via email a maximum of two days before the day of race pack collection.

Can someone else take my race pack for me?

Yes. Collection of the race pack can be represented by showing a legally binding proof of representation from registered runners,  a soft/hard copy of the race pack collection email and a copy of the registrant’s identity card. The representative must provide a photocopy of his/her own identity card and show proof of identity to the RPC officer.

Can race pack be taken on D-Day?

No. There will be no race pack pick up on the D-Day.

Will I get a medal?

All runners who can complete the race in the designated time and complete the Marathon under the COT will get a finisher medal. Champions and winners will get an additional winner medal.

How many runners will get a champion and winner podium?

Champions and Winners are those who can finish the race with the fastest time, based on the finish time per category, for men and women, from first place to third place.

Are prizes available for the fastest runners and winners of specific categories?

Yes, there are rewards to be given to winners. The awards will be transferred a maximum of three days after the competition and if the administrative data are completed by the entitled champions and winners.

Are there medical facilities available in the field during the race?

To ensure the medical needs of runners, standardized medical facilities are available in the field. The Management prepares field doctors and other supporting medical officers at race central and at several points along the track.

What do runners have to prepare regarding their personal health condition in participating in this competition?

Running is not a ‘free risk’ sport, and therefore, each runner must ensure his/her health condition is fit before participating and during the race.

If the Management encounters runners in a condition that is deemed unfit to take part in the competition, the Management has the right (but not the obligation) to stop the runners from participating in the competition. The Management would revoke the runner’s chest number and is not responsible if the runner to force himself to start and or continue the race.

Are runners protected by insurance?

Yes, all runners will receive insurance protection. Details of insurance will be further informed at Runners are also required to understand, read, and approve the waiver letter, which contains the conditions of the Management’s responsibilities towards the runners associated with insurance protection.

Where can I park my cars?

Runners can park their vehicles around the location of the race. Exact parking location will be announced later via e-flyer, email and will be featured in the race guide that will be distributed during RPC. For the convenience of all parties, runners must pay close attention to the plan.

Is there cooperation with nearby accommodation for runners?

Yes, please take advantage of special discount facilities at our partner hotels for you and your family at Jabar International Marathon 2019, at the hotels that has partnered with the organizers in the menu Accomodation

Is there a prayer room provided at race village or along the route?

Yes, a prayer room is provided at the race village.

Are there tents for runners?

Yes, there are designated tents for runners located in the race village. Some of them are activation tents for ice baths and massage.

Are there toilets on the race route?

Portable toilets will be provided at race central and running routes.

Do I have to wear the 2019 Jabar International Marathon jersey when I compete?

We expect runners to wear the Jabar International Marathon 2019 jersey when competing.

Will there be a pacer for runners?

We will prepare pacer and sweeper: pacer will run with runners according to the category and time of the guide, while sweeper will run 10 minutes after the flag-off of the 21K category.

The sweeping pacer will act as the team to ensure that no runner is left on the track when the HM or 21K COT is over. The sweeper team for FM or 42K will be arranged by a separate mechanism.

What rules must I observe during the race and around the area of the race?

Each runner is required to respect others by not doing things that can cause inconvenience and trigger riots.

Runners are prohibited from wearing wheeled aids in running that can speed up the runners’ steps, such as bicycles, wheelchairs, in-line skates, stroller, shoes with built-in rollers or other. Runners are also prohibited from carrying babies and/or strollers during the race.

Runners must not damage public facilities during the race.

In taking refreshments, using wudhu facilities and prayer rooms, as well as using portable toilets, runners are expected to be orderly in a one-line queue.

What actions will be taken if runners violate the rules?

Any actions that violate the rules will be resolved by the security team, and every criminal act will be dealt with in accordance with the applicable law.

What are the runner's obligations related to cleanliness and order during the competition?

Runners must maintain cleanliness by not littering both at the race central and on the running track. Please take advantage of the trash bins that have been provided, or hand over the trash to our officers who will actively go around picking up litter.

Runners are not allowed to smoke in the race area either in the race central or on the track.

Runners are expected to behave politely and respectful towards fellow runners and other parties involved during the competition.

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