Jabar International Marathon 2019

Sampurasun, Runners!

Have you ever been a part of an alluring landscape where the mountain greets the rice field before descending into the sea while running?

Join us at Jabar International Marathon 2019, or JIM 2019. You will run in the exquisite nature of West Java, and immerse yourself in the richness of culture, and hospitality of the Sunda people.

The beauty of Bumi Pasundan inspired us to hold the Jabar International Marathon 2019. The runners and their supporters are invited to enjoy the Pangandaran regency—to feel the warmth of the people and explore the culture, culinary delight, and maritime bounty in the regency.

The West Java Provincial Government, through the Youth and Sport Body, supported the effort to present the beauty of their backyard in the form of this sport tourism. In its second year, the Marathon is committed to increasing its management capacity and professionalism. The spirit to bring this race to the international fora is in line with the Pangandaran Regency to open up its tourism door to the world.

Runners, let’s join the Marathon on the 1st December 2019 and make sure that this event—with its beachy vibe and cultural richness of the Bumi Pasundan—is part of your end-of-the-year race calendar!

Happy running, and be a part of Jabar International Marathon 2019!

Hatur Nuhun, Runners!

Head of Management,







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